Night of the jumps, Linz

Night of the jumps, Linz

An old buddy of mine Alvaro Dal Farra sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to come along to the Night of the jumps in Linz last night. He won the event a couple of times in the past but after a massive crash a while back which left him in a coma for 3 days, he made the move over to judging rather than competing and just rides for fun nowadays (and rips on a snowboard too). Anyway, the riding was amazing. The level has risen so much over the years and was far higher than even the X-Games I went to back in 2006. A few guys were doing underflips, or 360’s or whatever you want to call it which is a crazy trick. Travis Pastrana crashed doing one right in front of me at the aforementioned X-Games and fully nailed himself so the trick still freaks me out when I see people doing it. Incredibly impressive to see though and the packed house definitely appreciated it too.

These two triptychs above and below you can click to make much bigger if you like. Top one is a few frames of an underflip but the bottom one has the best photos.

They were pretty dam close to hitting the rafters. Apparently the jumps were smaller than usual because otherwise they would have hit the roof.

He is traveling exactly in the direction opposite to where he is looking.


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