Munich ISPO 2010

Munich ISPO 2010

Munich Ispo was as hectic as usual, so many brands and products on display, I tend to get fairly jaded quite quickly as I walk around. It takes a lot to stand out nowdays but there was some really cool stuff as always hidden amongst the noise. You could tell a lot of companies were playing it safer than usual with the quantity of products and the amount of really new stuff. Most was just variations of old products, styles and whatnot and there was little in the way of innovation.

Overall though, there is perhaps no better place than Munich Ispo to see whats what in the world of skiing and snowboarding design and I found the trip really rewarding.

I have about 2 gig of photos, so below is a selection of the ones which stood out as I went through them. Might post some more later this week too.

Lib tech make skis now with the same magnatraction edge as the snowboard I have. Would love to try them out.

More photos below..

Snowboarding for me has always been far more about this than products. Catching air and…

..slashing some powder. At the end of the day benny turned to me and said, man, we should have just gone snowboarding instead.


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