London – Sketch

London – Sketch

So I hopped over to London for the night to go to the Scirroco Studios/Intersection magazine talk/Party at Sketch club. The party lasted a lot longer than the talk with free champagne and beer flowing all night. There were some interesting ideas presented at the talk and the club and DJ’s were brilliant, but my overriding thought from the event was how wack people dress. There was a lot of trashy/Glam 80’s style with loads of big hair and tight pants and too many other bizzare cuts and combinations of styles to go into right now, but I guess it was pretty interesting. Pop already eaten itself. And then thrown up.

I didnt buy any new shoes for almost as long as I didnt visit London. Over a year, but I couldnt resist these.

I felt kind of like this the next morning.

Normally Obey shit annoys me, but this was one of the best things I saw on the whole trip. (*Apart from my Fam)


  1. L... 9 years ago

    Your welcome Drunkard…

  2. mksim 9 years ago

    Each time a big pleasure to visit your blog. Nice mix of all the good things.

    See you


  3. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Thanks man, happy you like it..

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