Leogang bikepark

Leogang bikepark

We drove an hour from Salzburg to leogang bikepark, which consists of a long telecabine lift, a downhill course, a freeride course, 4cross, jumps, drops etc etc. Basically a meca for anyone into riding bikes.
First time I managed to do a proper wallride..

First run down we took the track, carving back and forth, but after that, everytime we just bombed fullspeed down across the grass. So fun.

Time to buy a full face helmet I think..

this is at the very bottom of the hill..

My bro Luke came out from England for the weekend. He took all of the riding shots.

This was the last riding photo of the day. I was totally knackered and my right hand slipped off halfway up the wall. Very nearly got a great faceplant into the wall photo.



  1. bunny 9 years ago

    Never mind the face are you wearing the back protector!!!

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    yea, I had a back protector on. I gave it to Luke when he rode too.

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