KTM Freeride – Julien Dupont sequence

KTM Freeride – Julien Dupont sequence

Made a quick sequence out of Duponts line up this cliff on the KTM 350 freeride for you. Photos by Rudi Schedl.


  1. jaski_sm 6 years ago

    When am I going to read first review of 350 Freeride? Do You know it?

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    I rode the R&D bikes a few times before the official launch and could possibly write a review but to be honest i think it’s better to leave that to the real journalists. Also because the bike changed a little before the final launch I think.

    In summary though, it’s a very capable bike, and fits almost exactly between an enduro bike and a trial bike. It is better than a trial bike at riding fast and better than an enduro at riding up tricky trial sections.
    It’s geared quite low, has a low seat height and with the trial tyres you can pretty much ride it up anything. It feels lighter than it actually is since it is super thin and is also really quiet.

    It really depends on the type of riding you plan to do. I actually preferred riding the 125 exc we had on the same day, but then i prefer riding motocross to trial riding. On technical slow terrain it really excels. Its a very easy bike to ride too, much easier than an EXC, but also not nearly as fast as an exc. In skilled hands it can really do some amazing things too as you see Dupont doing. I will post a solid review as soon as I find one somewhere, but hope that is some help for now!

  3. zacher 6 years ago

    that actually happened on the way from one spot to the other… knew he got mad skills but its always a mindblower when u see them do work in real life…

  4. jaski_sm 6 years ago

    Sounds really good. Maybe it’s a kind of a bike that I was waiting for! However i’m waiting for revealing three pieces of information: How does the maintenance schedule looks like, what is the range (tank is very small) and last, but not least: how does the power curve looks like (24HP, but at what RPM). Anyway thank You very much for the answer!

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