Kiska Enduro day 2010

Kiska Enduro day 2010

A big group of us from work went riding for the day since KTM is one of our main clients. Lot of people were trying it out for the first time so we didn’t go to a particularly good track.

Not much to jump off really but it was fun anyway.

This was a pretty high quarry wall, and you had to hit it fast to air over one section to the top. First hit was a little sketchy but I was feeling well good after that.

We found a nice step up though where I was trying to nail scrubs.  Didn’t totally get it, but I was getting better.

I never really did play riding like this before but it was good for the bike skills.

Sven used to work with us and came back for the day to ride.

Me again.


and yup, me again


Ok, here are some other people now. No wait, that’s Sven too.

We got a huge choice of bikes to ride. The new 4stroke EXC’s were brilliant. First time ever that I preferred riding 4 strokes, although saying that maybe the most fun I had all day was ragging it around on an 85cc 2stroke for about 5 hot laps!

Craig had his first ride ever on an MX bike and since he is somewhat of a meister MTB rider was pretty fast.

Man I’m knackered right now too. Getting kind of old!
Thanks to Sven and his GF for the riding photos of me.


  1. Clara 7 years ago


  2. Sven 7 years ago

    Hi pearce ,
    when i See the Pictures from our playriding Session i feel à litle Bit
    nervoes again and i have to say thank you for that Nice time with on the Bike !
    Wohle Be nice that you can Sand all thepictures, i have keep the Feeling à while!
    Thanks , Sven

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      Yea, I wanna ride again so bad! Wouldnt mind some more bratwurst too!

  3. Author
    ptsp 7 years ago

    Hi Sven, I added a zip with all the images here for you:

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