Ken Roczen whip sequence

Ken Roczen whip sequence

Not sure who took it, but it’s pretty rad. Need to get my whips better. Seems simple, pump the suspension at the bottom and then just go off the jump face pinned while leaning at 45 degrees to the ground kind of doing a turn as you go off. What could go wrong?


  1. HH 5 years ago

    Make sure someone captures your first attempt on camera….as you say, what could possibly go wrong?! I suspect getting the thing sideways is the easy part….the tricky bit is getting it to straighten up for touchdown. Good luck mate!

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Actually been trying it for a while, can get it down/sideways a bit. Just need to start leaning it over earlier. getting back is not too hard, just pin it!

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