love it.

love it.

I had to kind of twist Martins arm to take this photo as he was itching to burn it through the powder a bit further down the path, but it came out pretty sweet. PTSP with a backside 180 indy.

Telemark in a Swedish Motox style from MP.



My bro Luke. The snow is gooood right now! Anyone thinking of coming for christmas, stop thinking! It’s funny how insignificant the global economic meltdown feels when the powder is deep..

Manuel getting old school with the tweaked grab.

I wasnt totally sure if I could clear this as there was no kick, a gap and a pretty flat run-up, but it dropped down a lot so I gave it a shot in the afternoon. Green gear sucks for photos when the light is not perfect, maybe time for a better brighter jacket… Christian was betting against me making it, but took the photo anyway. Or maybe because of that! Nice soft powder landing.. mmmmm

I downloaded Google Chrome just now and am using it as I type, and wow, it is really nice. Wont be using firefox or I.E. anymore.


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