Flachau Skiing again

Flachau Skiing again

I have hit kickers bigger than this before, but there is something about this one that freaks me out. It has a super steep runup, followed by a short steep takeoff and loads of flat to clear. It was shut for most of the day as some kid landed short and was there for hours with medics, having apparently broken his back. He was eventually airlifted away in a helicopter, which was not even out of sight before all the local kids were straight back busting crazy flips over the jump. 

Trying to psyche myself up to hit it next time..

It was fun to be back on the skiis again anyway! Thanks to Jakob for taking this pic (too early :P).

Jule’s brother Paul is over from Tenerife


  1. Jakob 9 years ago

    Thanks for the credit. To be early on this shot was of course on purpose. This way of photo style will lead us into a complete new and radical area of photo composition!

  2. Andy 9 years ago

    Happy New Year P!

    My knees have gone wobbly just looking at the photos. Check out this bonus video from That’s It That’s All, the transfer halfway through is huge: http://snowboardermag.com/videos/flash/thats-it-thats-all-superpark-12-bonus-feature/

    Just over 2 weeks until I get some snow time, bring it on!

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