First ride Wagrain bike park 2010

First ride Wagrain bike park 2010

First time out on the Meta 6 at a proper bike park.

Both my friend Benny and I picked up last years Commencal Meta 6 frame after finding a deal with 60% off and after having spent the last year listening to our friend Craig raving about it. Both bikes were built totally differently, and whilst i cant speak for his, man am I impressed with mine!

only took the camera up for one run..

Benny taking the high line


Wagrain is one seriously nice bike park.

Craig with the original Meta 6.

Right, England VS USA match is on, im off!


  1. Ma 7 years ago

    Hope you are wearing your back protector DAD…..

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    yes, yes, you can see it in the first pic :)

  3. CH 7 years ago


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