Enduro ride Ibiza

Enduro ride Ibiza

Some more photos from a ride I did with allriders.net in ibiza. Was the first enduro ride I ever did and man it was fun. Got to figure out a way to do it again at some point. Ibiza is really a stunning Island. I had been there a few times before but had never explored the island properly. The north is hilly and full of dirt and stone tracks which lead to the sea with cliffs overlooking empty bays which you cant get to very well without a Donkey or a bike. Was happy to be on a bike (KTM 525 EXC).

In the middle of what seems like nowhere amongst fields and in valleys there are huts scattered around which date back hundreds of years. We drove for hours and passed no more than a couple of people, some old farmers and that was about it.

This picture is from the allriders site. Often the riding was pretty steep and technical but there were also some really fast bits. This picture makes me want to ride!


  1. Piers,
    Great pictures! Glad to know you enjoyed the ride. Hope you make it back to ride again some day,

  2. MP 7 years ago

    Nice mate! Really want to go riding now… :/

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