1. L... 9 years ago


  2. clara 9 years ago

    Is that last pic Jule’s hand!!!??

  3. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Cheers, yeap.

  4. clara 9 years ago


  5. masta p 9 years ago

    congrats again ace…happy for you and Jule and wish you all the best…sux that you couldn’t consummate the day with me next door…or cause she was passed out…

  6. ma ma 9 years ago

    So so happy for you both love Ma xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Henry 9 years ago

    Maybe because Jule was passed out, P was able to keep the consumation quiet!!!!

  8. masta p 9 years ago

    i was expectin that from you HH;)

  9. Dedi 9 years ago

    Got the news first thing this morning from Bunny – Congratulations to you and Jule!

  10. clara 9 years ago

    henry – outraged!

  11. kati//rio 9 years ago

    jules and piers!
    was dat denn fuer nen ring?! seh ich da richtig??? koennt ihr mich mal bitte auf der anderen seite des atlantiks aud den laufeneden halten!!!!?? sniffsniff!!!
    kuss von rio an beiden!! eure primita kates… vermisse dich dschulieDschulie!!!

  12. Jeremy 9 years ago

    nice one! will it be in hamburg? keep me in the loop….

  13. admin 9 years ago

    Na, think it will be down here man..

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