Custom painted KTM X-Bow @Kiska

Custom painted KTM X-Bow @Kiska



  1. herecomesduncan 7 years ago


    Understatement of paint job reminds me of (one of) my fave paintjobs – MV Agusta F4 1000 veltro. Would defo be first in the quiver if a lottery win came my way.

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Yea, I see what you mean. Big fan of that anthracite color.

  3. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Yeah, always thought the 690sm prestige was a sweet lookin bike with the grey panels and solid wheels…wonder if there’s any spare body panels on ebay?… KTM 690sm veltro :)

  4. de geyndt 7 years ago

    Awesome \o/

    little question do you have a reference color (pantone/ral) for the body paint job?
    I’d like to wrap my new duke with this ‘grey olive/sand’ matte color…

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Na, sorry man, I think a variety of samples were made using spare materials with different mixes of colors and flake and the final color was then chosen from the samples. Its a totally custom color/flake mix so no fixed reference. The final color will also depend somewhat on the base material too.

  5. noel smyth 6 years ago

    i have a ktm crossbow it’s colour is a pearl orange. could you give me a colour code so i can match the paint on this vehicle. or put me in touch with somebody who can.
    many thanks noel smyth

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      love to be able to help, but you should contact KTM for that. The only KTM color code i know is the orange cmyk value for print work, but I don’t know how that translates to the paint scheme. Anyway, cmyk is 0,75,100, 0

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