Coronal mass ejection (CME) impact

Coronal mass ejection (CME) impact

UPDATE: This is the third time I have now posted Aurora from large CME impacts and geomagnetic storming and the next day some big seismic event happened. Can’t just be coincidence. Once before the Chile earthquake, once before the Icelandic volcano and now before Japan. There is not much info out there about CME/earthquake theory but this guy seems to have predicted a massive Seismic event based on observations of the sun last week.

CME impact… I’ll say! WOW! The show started slowly, very high in the sky. Then it just erupted into a beautiful intense display. It lasted about an hour. At one point the auroras went directly overhead and touched both western and eastern horizons! Images taken with a Canon 5D mark2, ISO 800-1250, 1 to 15 seconds exposures.

Photos and text from Zoltan Kenwell. VIA Spaceweather.


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  2. Travis 7 years ago

    wow, dude. The ‘bitter’ of this seemingly very plausible theory with the ‘sweet’ of those images makes for one heck of a ‘stop and think’ moment!

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