Canon 550D

Canon 550D

Well, I did it, after several years of umming and ahhing about the pro’s and cons of an slr vs point and shoot, and many years of using cheap digi cams I finally took the plunge again into the world of SLR’s. I seem to break a lot of cameras for some reason and the lack of portability and the cost of a decent digital slr always put me off. It seems time to try and take my photography to the next level though and an SLR is the only way to do that.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to trying it out properly, but here are a few test shots on the way home:

I can take blurry photos again!


  1. kenson 8 years ago

    Wait till you start filming! Me=jealous.

  2. matthew 8 years ago

    Me jealous too! I’m getting mine in a few days cant wait! Im also coming from a p&s are you enjoying it? nice pics btw!

  3. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Thanks, yea its very cool for sure. Pretty straightforward to use. Going to get a fixed 35mm prime lens too to make it more portable and to get sharper pics.

  4. Jeremy Abbett 8 years ago

    And definitely something to document the little one.

  5. L... 8 years ago

    Nice one brov, about time you stopped ummming and got on with it…

  6. HH 8 years ago

    Look the same as your other photos! ;)

  7. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Thanks Henry, will take that as a compliment ;)

  8. matthew 8 years ago

    Are those pics using the kit lens? I haven’t been able to get mine yet (groan) but it wont be long!

    Undecided on what lens package to get any thoughts on the kit lens? Is it as bad as some say?


    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Yea, just with the kit lens. Its is brilliant too, together with the camera it is better than any camera I have used before.
      I have a 35mm prime lens too which i prefer to use but that’s just me.

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