Burnt out car, Salzburg

Burnt out car, Salzburg

This burnt out car has been by the river for about 3 weeks now, in front of the monastery, next to our flat. Seems so out of place here in this fairytale town that Jule suggested maybe it was an art installation. Haha. How shit are the cops here though that they don’t even remove a burnt out car after 3 weeks??? Mind you, I took this photo before it started snowing last week so maybe now you cant even see it anymore.


  1. Zoran 7 years ago

    Who knows what strange legislation the cops have to follow. Maybe the car has a valid parking permit or without wheels it is not a car so it is not their problem.

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Lol, yea it was sitting there for weeks before it got torched though, without plates on and had some notices on it. Guess they went up in flames with the rest of it.

    the shit thing though is I park my car next to it as that’s where my permit is valid for and since my car has already had the wing mirror smashed (280 euro), and had scratches put all down it, having this trashed car next to it just promts people to fuck with all the car parked there.

  3. Clara 7 years ago

    Ha, I bet there is an installation just like that in Berlin somewhere!

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