Birthday ride at Rossfeld – KTM 690 Duke

Since it’s my birthday I went for another ride at lunch today on the Duke. Actually, I would have gone anyway, but it seemed like a good excuse to take some more photos messing around on it up above Kiska on Rossfeld. I made a new sticker kit for it too, although in some ways I prefer the black and gold one. Looks lighter like this though.

Manuel brought along some funky wideangle lenses to play with.




  1. marco wilhelm 4 years ago

    happy birthday! ;)
    nice shots!

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Thank you! Manuel is a pretty good photographer!

  2. zacher 4 years ago

    4th from top def. my favourite… haha u guys also ride or only shoot during lunch ?

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Ride until we find a nice spot, or nice curve and then session that spot for a while (and take a few photos!)

  3. Miguel 4 years ago

    Happy Birthday!
    Love your blog, keep it up ;)

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      Cheers dude!

  4. zjdsn 4 years ago

    hey Happy Bday man,
    I do need to say: any sticker kit should come with decals that cover up that huge rear sliver alu bit. It is what makes a standard duke ‘unpretty’ (not saying ugly)
    we are all in favour of a replacement tube-style rear :)

    • patrick 4 years ago

      Well, speak for yourself. Cause THAT is the coolest part on the whole bike, hands down.

      • ptsp 4 years ago

        I actually agree with both of you. I like the part, just not that it is a different color. That’s why I preferred the black/gold kit to this white one.

        • patrick 4 years ago

          How diplomatic of you ;)

          • Author
            admin 4 years ago

            Sometimes honesty contradicts diplomacy, in this case, the opposite is true.

  5. Duffyhs 4 years ago

    Hi, happy birthday!

    is it possible to buy the decals you made?
    not for me, i am a owner of a 690 SM, but maybe some guys from our forum ( want to buy…..


    • ptsp 4 years ago

      Hi sorry, not at the moment but maybe at some point.

  6. m baker 4 years ago

    nice shots,nice ride,nice place,nice blog

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      thanks man :)

  7. eddy 4 years ago

    awesome shots and that road looks insane!:) please make those sticker kits available, both of them are amazing! by the way you should get the orange underbelly powerpart, it looks really good;)

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      cheers. yea, Rossfeld is epic man. Such a great road. Yea, would like to do the sticker kits, already ready, but KTM dont want to make anymore right now it seems. Maybe i should find a way to print a few myself…

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