Andreu Lacondeguy X KTM 125 Duke X Barcelona

Andreu Lacondeguy X KTM 125 Duke X Barcelona


  1. yann berger 7 years ago

    very slick pics

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    : – )

  3. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    Fresh… love em :)

  4. Marcus 7 years ago

    Great job by KTM marketing getting the wow back to the 125 category! With the help of cool guys riding the shit out of it.

    Name one that don’t dig theses photos, and I show you a lier! :-)

    Bikenstein soon?

    Cheers, Marcus

  5. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Yea, thats for sure one of the best things about a 125. You can really rag it pretty much flat out all the time. fun!

    Ahh Bikenstein, yes I would like to do another, just don’t seem to have any time at the moment.

    I Will be away from any computer for just over a month starting next weekend traveling up the coast of oz in a camper with my wife and baby. WIll try and check in when possible when I see some cool bikes but I dont think i will be able to do it often as I am not taking a computer.

    I have been putting so much time into this site for zero reward (besides nice comments from yourself and a few others) for a long time now and so as of next weekend it’s time for a brief intermission….

  6. herecomesduncan 7 years ago

    You’ll be sorely missed – you’re providing my daily stoke factor, although I can understand the effort getting a blog together can take.

    Have a good time!


  7. Marcus 7 years ago

    Have a nice camping trip, P! I will visit Aruba going this weekend for a break from all motorcycle stuff.

    Your blog updates will be missed but a breather ones a while is healty so have a great vacation and lets talk in a months then!

    Cheers, Marcus

  8. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    thanks fellas. I asked a friend of mine here if he would like to keep the updates going and he said he would, so should be a few updates a week still on top of whatever I manage to post.

  9. lenny bubblevisor 7 years ago

    thank you!
    have a nice trip

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