2012 reel by SnapRoll Media

2012 reel by SnapRoll Media

Next level filming. Seriously impressive.
Equipment: RED EPIC, Phantom Flex, Phantom Gold, SmallHD DP6 & DP4

For the past few years, SnapRoll Media has been at the forefront of remotely controlled aerial camera systems. Like most, we started out using DSLR cameras to record video, but it wasn’t long before the image quality wasn’t up to our standards. We began designing and building larger airframes to carry the weight of the cameras we and our clients wanted to use.

Our hard work paid off.


  1. Jensen Beeler 6 years ago

    Awesome…needs more motos though!

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      yea, you know it!

  2. zacher 6 years ago

    the first MTB shot over the sholder is a masterpiece…

  3. Crispy Designs 6 years ago

    In a world where this word is used too freely…this is truly awesome!

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