1962 Honda CR77

1962 Honda CR77

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  1. Peter Krukowski 6 years ago

    dear sir, can you clear up a couple of points for me. Looking at the photo of the CR77 can you confirm that the front brake is a replica and is fitted in a set of 1966 to 68 CB77 front forks? Also, is that a special frame. The reason I ask is that I am at present building a replica CR77 racer and all the photos I have seen so far show a front brake with a 40 spoke arrangement and Steel front fork sliders. I plan on using pre 1966 forks and a standard CB77 frame, slightly modified to have the additional bracing around the rear swing arm pivot for the rearset footrests, but no downtubes. The photos I have found so far of the downtube frames do not show a complete cradle type frame, but just down tubes to the lower front of the engine. I have had one cylinder head and a pair of cam covers cast which I shall use as slave units, to check I can carry out all the necessary machining. I have found a few minor problems with the casting, but these can be sorted out with slight modifications to the patterns. I am also currently machining my own replica 4LS front brake, but would like to be sure whether I should drill the hub for a 36 or 40 spoke pattern.
    Please do not think these questions are criticising your motorcycle, I would just like to be able to make a reasoned decision on the final look of my own bike, when it is finished.
    regards Peter K

    • Dennis Murfin 5 years ago


      Just picked up your E-mail request from last year about wanting info about CRs.

      Don’t know if your project is finished but still I have a load of information about them, drop me an Email if I can be of help,


      Dennis Murfin

      • jim wulzen 5 years ago

        Aloha, nice to meet another CR guy. I raced CR Honda’s in the 60’s, had a CR110 ( picture on our site) raced a CR93 for a friend and a CR72. I built a Superhawk for the 350 class and raced that also. Now I building the “Hawk of my dreams, or the bike I never got to build” Ivan Wager had one and I got a few laps on it at Willow Springs. My email jwulzen@yahoo.com.

      • Jim Lomas 5 years ago

        Hi Dennis

        Are you the same Dennis Murfin that I raced with in the UK in the 1960’s??

        I’m trying to build a replica of the CB 77 350cc Read Titan I raced in the 1967-68 season, is findind parts especially crankshaft going to be a big problem??

        Regards Jim Lomas

      • peter krukowski 5 years ago

        hello Dennis,
        just found this site again. I had forgotten I had asked some questions. I believe you had an original CR77, but without the engine and had fitted a CB unit. I am still slowly collecting info and some minor bits and pieces, but need info about the differences between the CR frame and CB frame around the swing arm bracing and footrest brackets especially (photos would be very helpful). By the way do you still have the CR chassis? Peter K.

        • Graham Curtis 5 years ago

          Hi Peter
          I am interested that you have already produced a replica CR77 cylinder head casting. I have been pondering fitting a Suzuki GSX 250 top end to a set of CB72 crankcases but would be very interested to know about your replica,

          Graham Curtis

          • I have built 2 replica cr77 and have raced them last year. They are quite fast and somewhat reliable. You can see them on face book under my team name. Giannini racing
            Am very much interested in the casting you have created and wondering if you might send me a pictuire of it.
            Thank you,
            F. Giannini

        • Dennis Murfin 5 years ago


          Sorry I only just spotted your response to my earlier posting.

          Yes, one and the same Dennis Murfin, I still have a CB77 race bike although not the same one I had when I knew you, that is a LONG time ago. If you look hard enough you should find all the bits you need for your project, as always crankshafts can be a problem but there are plenty of low mileage cranks around on E-Bay in the US, carriage can be expensive though.

          Drop me an E-mail direct if you need any further information.

      • Giso Fischer 4 years ago

        hello Dennis, I need special valves for my CB77. Can you make my special valves? Please let me know. Thank you very much. Giso

  2. Jim Wulzen 5 years ago

    All the CR racers that I have ever seen and been around have had 36 hole rims, the bike I’m building now has standard hubs that have been modified for racing ( brake scoop exhaust holes) and 36 spokes. I make my own fiberglass tank and seat that are hand made. I also have a road race cam grind available on your cores. Email me for pictures jwulzen@yahoo.com.
    Aloha Nui Loa
    Jim Wulzen
    Ocean View, Hawaii

  3. Tony Richardson 1 year ago

    Hi Guys
    I am re-building a CB77 race bike but I think it may of been tuned as the Read engines were in the 60’s as it has amal carbs etc but I would like to know more about the engine and how to check properly if anyone can help

    • Jim Wulzen 5 days ago

      Aloha Tony,
      I have been building a CB77 for the past few years when time and money permits and I’m just about
      done. Would like to talk to other “CB builders”.
      Jim Wulzen
      Ocean View Hawaii

  4. Tony Richardson 10 months ago

    I am building a CB that was originally raced in the 60/70’s

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