Out on the Dukes (wheelies!)

Out on the Dukes (wheelies!)

Ah, I love these lunch break rides. Pretty much the only chance i get to ride nowadays, but they will do for now : p

As we were leaving I realized my little S95 I usually take photos with was out of batteries, so my buddy Manuel brought along his 60D and took some photos instead.

Ok, enough of me, time for a few on Manuel.

Next time we are heading higher up.


  1. Andy Charlton 7 years ago

    nice. devon was wet all day today, but tommorow i’ve got to let the plasterer in at 8am at the farm im restoring in chagford.
    I cant do much while he’s there,so i’m taking the bike, and i’ll be taking the muddy route home!
    heh heh

  2. patrick 7 years ago

    good boy – always having the rear brake covered :)

  3. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    haha for sure, saved my ass a few times!

    @Andy wish there were more green lanes around here, they pretty much banned riding offorad on trails here.

  4. Andy Charlton 7 years ago

    i know, we did some extrere trail riding back in 2000, in the pyrenees, and the attitude then was good but changing.
    Friends tell me its all but gone now, and we are taking some serious fire here in devon too (although our TRF group is the strongest in the country) somerset has lost them ALL so no dirty wheels anywhere on exmoor anymore.
    If you want to play like we used to, you risk having your bike taken and crushed by the police, but the hardcore are still out there with quiet pipes and we never clean our reg plates until M.O.T. week!! ha ha!
    and ford focus are no good off road so you still have half a chance…….

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