O’Neill’s NavJacket

O’Neill’s NavJacket


The GPS NavJacket from O’Neill has integrated display and audio and all kinds of other features. At ISPO they had a kickass After effects/3D video playing next to the jacket showing all of the features. Personally when I am in the mountains I like to be away from technology for a change and I think most of the things in the jacket would piss me off, but it would certainly come in handy if you got lost in a whiteout. The built in earphones in the hood are pretty cool too. It also has speed, weather forecasts, time and distance to après-ski, a “friend finder” and makes coffee for you in the morning. Actually it doesnt make coffee for you but that would be really cool.

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  1. mp 10 years ago

    Yeah, I’d definitely go for the coffee-making version!

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