No Snow – ohne schnee auch ganz witzig

No Snow – ohne schnee auch ganz witzig

Last year in October I was riding in knee deep powder on the glacier near here, but not this year, not in October or November. We haven’t even had any rain for months, let alone a single flake of snow. Sun shining every day which is great, but it’s the 1st of December and all the people who grew up here said they had never seen it this warm or dry in their whole lives. People are getting restless. Some more than others. Sarah from POC sent through some photos of one of their pro skiers who wanted to ski so bad he did, despite there being no snow. Nice photos but think I will be waiting for the snow.

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  1. L... 7 years ago

    That looks hectic and a bit desperate…
    Whistler has already had over 3 metres of snow this season…

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