Need your vote

Need your vote

Soooo, KTM have a contest going on facebook to win a new 690 Duke. If you have a couple of seconds free, please give me your vote. Actually, I don’t think I have a hope in hell next to the top voted pictures so far. Wheelies cant really compete with half naked birds. haha. There are a lot of you out there though so please vote if you can, worth a shot I guess.
Please Click here to vote! (P.S. I aint posting again until I have 1400 votes. I got 10 votes so far, so nearly there.)

Something’s missing in my life since i traded in my old one.


  1. barry tavner 7 years ago

    voted for you. feel free to vote for the bearded loon on the harley.

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    thanks man, gave you a vote.

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