MXGP Uddevalla

MXGP Uddevalla

Tony Cairoli took third place at the MX1 GP at Uddevalla and now leads the championship while in the MX2 class Roczen won the second moto by 18 seconds to take his 8th GP victory since starting in the class in mid 2009. Teammate Jeffrey Herlings second.

Archer photos.


  1. Author
    ProPho 7 years ago

    Archers photos suck, they are good quality, but he has no sense of composition or capturing the battling between the riders. The riders are just floating in the air with no reference points showing the perspective and overview, like the take off and landing for example. He also seems incapable of getting a decent scrub photo!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Yes, I kind of agree with you.

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