World Champion Jeffrey Herlings jumps the leap in Geldermalsen

World Champion Jeffrey Herlings was training on the hard pack track in Geldermalsen today. Herlings jumped the big leap in the track but had to go wide open to make it! We have some really nice shots of this jump and also some nice drift shots of the current World Championship leader.


  1. Raul Taranu 3 years ago

    What amazing tools motorcycles are in the hands of masters!

    • Erich Stiegler 3 years ago

      You think that track is fast enough?…and he is going fast enough? Holy smokes!

  2. Cam Mead 3 years ago

    now thats a fast track, would love to ride there.. dam he is so quick. riding 450?

    • ptsp 3 years ago

      I guess either 250 or 350 not sure. Can maybe see it written on the tail in some shots.

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