Specialized motorbicycle

Specialized motorbicycle

There were so many great products on display at Eurobike 2011. All very nicely designed and resolved, but not so much that was really different, apart from perhaps this wacky creation, and since this blog is mainly about motorcycles, i guess this is a nice transition into the posts about the show. There were an overwhelming amount of electric bicycles from almost every company, so it was pretty cool to see Specialized have a different take on the motorized bicycle.


  1. zacher 6 years ago

    really cant belive theyre making themselves look stupid by mixing a sweet mtb up with an obviously shitty pitbike…

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    na, i reckon it’s just tongue in cheek man, almost taking the piss of all the eletric bicycles there. At least that was my take on it. haha

  3. EK 6 years ago

    Looks like Specialized took alot of influence from these guys: http://www.motopeds.com. I hope they gave them some credit….

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