Sollern – MSC Mattighofen. derestricted photos.

Sollern – MSC Mattighofen. derestricted photos.

We hit up a new track today close to the KTM factory in Mattighofen. It is not as dramatic or scenic as Stegenwald and in some places it has waay too many rocks so you get fully nailed with roost if you follow someone. It is a tricky track too but also loads of fun to ride. Some parts are like enduro trails, tight and technical, but others are 5th gear wide open with some really nice jumps.


It’s got some nice step up’s too.

I switched the plastics to the 2013 version and it felt thinner and smoother to move around on. And possibly, although I can’t confirm it, faster.

All photos of PSP by SR

Photos of SR by PSP

Simon was ripping on his 125 Husaberg. look at those fuck1n stones!

2012/2013 KTM 150 SX.


  1. patrick 5 years ago

    I can’t believe you are jumping on that marketing train claiming that the 2013 bodywork is sooo much more ergonomic and slimmer than the previous one – huuuge improvement! *doh*
    dude, it’s the same tank, seat, airbox, nrplates, tail, frame, engine, radiators and what not. Really, this time: don’t believe the hype! :)
    I’m sure it’s an insanely fun bike to ride though!

  2. patrick 5 years ago

    Oh btw. I prefer the new fender though! :)

  3. Author
    admin 5 years ago

    haha, yea was kind of tongue in cheek man ;)
    Airbox is different. Also lighter lower triple clamp. Have a ride on one back to back and you will see what i mean. The 2012 bodywork is great too, and you can maybe grip it a little better because of the ridges but this one does genuinely feel thinner and smoother to slide around on.

  4. mario 5 years ago

    looking to upgrade my shroud and airbox cover too. looks bad ass. did you have to change the airbox or can i use my 2012?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Thanks, you need a new 2013 airbox too. I had the pieces already, otherwise I would say it’s not really worth it, better to trade in the 2012 and spend the money on a 2013. With the new lower triple clamp which you need for the new front mudguard it’s for sure just worth getting a 2013.

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