Sideburn magazine

Sideburn magazine

Went to a party in Munich this weekend at MP’s house, where he had a couple of issues of this new magazine called Sideburn.  Has a nice small format with some brilliant photos of dirt track bikes and racing.


  1. mp 9 years ago

    Good fun having you and Jule at the party, yesterday I tried to tippex the red-marker-dicks that someone drew on my wall… without great success… thanks…

  2. Mksim 9 years ago

    I love the photos too.

  3. Ben 9 years ago

    Hi Piers
    SB#3 out now


    I art direct SB & shot the top three stories you show here

    • Author
      ptsp 9 years ago

      looks really cool man. Thanks for the heads up.

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