Rossfeld with Reno and crew

Rossfeld with Reno and crew

My buddy Reno drove down from England with 2 friends and we went for a lunchtime mission up to the top of Rossfeld behind the Kiska office. I was guiding them for most of the way up and finally scrubbed in all the way to the edges of my pirelli supercorsa Pro race tyres. They take a while to get warmed up and are more rounded than a normal street tyre meaning you have to work quite hard to use all of the surface, but when they are warm they grip so well. Such a good ride.

Reno on his triple.

Lucky timing.


Reno’s friend had a go on my Duke and was pointing out how high it was. Stand was out out of reach.

The Duke was hanging well with these big bikes on the twisty roads, but with the stock pipe it sounds shite next to them.


All photos taken with the Canon S95. Moving gloved point and shoot.


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