Robbie Maddison jumps Corinth Canal in Greece

Robbie Maddison jumps Corinth Canal in Greece

Many Motocrossers have wanted to jump across the Corinth Canal, which was built in 1893. But the Australian was the first to succeed. He sped his Honda 500 up through a turnfilled approach past a pool, across a soccer pitch and past a chicken coop to a speed of 125 km/h. On Thurday morning he accelerated up a ramp over the canal some 80 metres below and landed safely on a mound set up on the other side of the canal. At his apogee Maddison was 95 metres above the canal’s surface.
Maddison said getting the approach right despite the constantly changing surfaces – from grass to concrete to wood to asphalt again and then carpet – was difficult enough but there was greater hurdle to the jump: “Overcoming fear, that’s always the hardest part,” Maddison said.

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