Punctures suck!

Punctures suck!

Got a puncture after 2 laps, but once it was all fixed the 150SX was running so good. Starting to really like it. Was planning to take some more photos/video but we punctured the new inner tube while putting the tyre on, not once, but twice! They had a new tire changing machine at the track but didn’t know how to use it and it ripped the inner tube each time. Three inner tube changes in a row basically meant once it was fixed I just wanted to ride.

Still shocked about Simoncelli. RIP dude.


  1. zacher 6 years ago

    stock inner tube not so good… u need one of those super fat michelin tubes and you’ll be fine !

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      Yea they are so thin. Got thicker pirellis. The Michelin are 36 euro!

  2. zacher 6 years ago

    dude you dont buy a new bike to safe money on spare parts…

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      Once u buy a new bike u don’t have any money left for spare parts!

  3. Andy Charlton 6 years ago

    hey bud.
    everyone hates punctures!!! have you tried the TUbliss system from nutech?
    i run a trials tyre on the road with it and it rules.
    had blackthorn through a new tyre and it was still there when the tyre was worn out! (had to pump it up every ride but it stayed up for weeks after)
    they recon even if you get a totally flat moto x tyre it wont come off the rim, and you can finish the race on it.
    i was dubious at first-but i rate it now :-)

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      Na haven’t tried it man, sounds interesting though

  4. Andy Charlton 6 years ago

    http://www.tubliss.co.uk/ may not be your cuppa but it works for me
    shows how to fit it

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