Ktm duke 125

Ktm duke 125

Camera+ app iPhone test.
Did a few laps around the office on the duke 125 just now. Surprisingly good fun. It handles great and ok the engine is only a 125 but you find yourself going fast quickly enough. Had a massive grin after 5 laps.



  1. zacher 7 years ago

    haha did the same thing yesterday… not long and we got rubber all the way throu those corners… that bike is really good fun from 5000rpm

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      yea, super nice new asphalt, really grippy and that bike loves corners! Because it’s so light, If the engine was bigger i reckon u could beat the (real) duke 690 around the office.

  2. zacher 7 years ago

    we shoud get three or four of those 125’s and have a race Comm VS Trans or somethin like that hahahaha

  3. Author
    ptsp 7 years ago

    haha, dude we would smoke you : )

  4. zacher 7 years ago

    hahah yeah right… people said that before and they all ate sht ;D

  5. Gantoo 7 years ago

    what about the same in 250 cm3 ?

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      yea, i think they plan some bigger engines eventually too.

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