Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg FMX Legend, The Alli Show

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg comes from the original days of FMX. Freestyle motocross didn’t exist when he was offered his first paycheck to jump, a surreal beginning to a never-ending epic. Twitch has done it all from X Games Gold to staring in his own film, ‘Twitch’s 420% All Natural.’ Recently, Twitch teamed up with Famous Stars and Straps to create his own JS signature line of clothing. Still taking the FMX world by storm, Twitch is expanding his scope into the world of SuperLite off-road truck racing where he has already been making a solid name for himself. Take a few minutes and get to know one of the best in the business in this Alli Show featuring Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.


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