James Stewart’s New Ride

James Stewart’s New Ride


  1. motoguru 6 years ago

    I’ve still got a ’98 YZ 250 sitting in my parents barn. I try to get out on it everytime I make it home. Sketchy is right! Gotta love that sound though!

  2. rob 6 years ago

    yeah! two strokes will never die!

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      yea,the YZ is a good bike, still wickedly good fun to ride I imagine, but kind of outdated now if you want to really ride fast. he would fly on a new ktm 2 stroke i imagine.

  3. patrick 6 years ago

    funny to hear them talking about 2strokes in the end, kinda saying that they are outdated and times have changed.
    YET he looks faster to me on the stroker.

  4. zacher 6 years ago

    hmmm maybe he is faster on the old stock 250… as we are used to see him wrestle a 450 factory shitmaha arround the track hahahaha

  5. patrick 6 years ago

    haha – would love to see how the 2 compare bone stock… 250 vs. 450
    should be an exciting last MX2 race if KTM decides to let roczen hop on a stroker!
    just for the fun of it.

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