Husaberg Model Range 2012

Husaberg Model Range 2012

Great photos from Kiska’s Rudi Schedl. GFX done @ Kiska for Husaberg by PSP.


  1. Hugo 7 years ago

    Wonderful wonderful photos these. Husabergs Husqvarnas and TMs, wouldnt touch them with barge pole (pardon my honesty) ;)

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Husaberg is KTM man, same owners, mainly the same pieces, just got better forks and a few other differences. The ones I rode were amazing, especially the 390 with the tilted engine, turned so well.

  2. Lars 7 years ago

    Who´s the rider? Jocke?

  3. miho 7 years ago

    That’s the awesome Graham Jarvis ;-)

    Doing the rest of the pix right now …

  4. Hugo 7 years ago

    Ok, call me opinionated but I’ve spent so many days and weeks of my life, in the past pushing my mates TMs and Husabergs up hills in soggy conditions, I cant even look at them any more. The colours alone make me shiver.
    I remember in 2007 testing 8 Enduro bikes, including Sherco , Gas Gas, KTM, etc for a Portuguese magazine. The Husky was brand spanking new, 0 miles delivered to us by the main dealership. Died 3 hours later with no abuse never to be eard again…

  5. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Maybe there was no oil in the gearbox :)
    the KTM parts takeover of the bikes was fairly recent, the ones I rode in the past 2 years were amazing man.

  6. LH #108 7 years ago

    KTM took over Husaberg about 10-15 years ago to learn about and develop the 4stroke engines. The 2stroke Husabergs are basically the same as the 2011 KTM EXC Models, except for the better closed cartridge forks and the machined triple clamps and a different tank/rad cover design.

  7. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    thanks for the info LH.

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