Halfway There XJ900

Halfway There XJ900

So after 25 hours of flight time in the last 30hrs and a month after leaving I’m back in front of my computer in Salzburg going through the hundreds of mails in my inbox and this beauty popped out so I thought I would put up a quick post. I saw a couple of dudes cruising on bikes similar to these through Manly (Sydney) 2 days in a row but didnt manage to get my camera out in time. Anyway, these photos are VIA the excellent Bike exif.

Going to go pick my Duke up from work tomorrow, cant wait to ride that thing again!

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  1. L... 6 years ago

    Glad you made it home safe brov, will keep an eye out for those two guys…
    Monster storm came through 24 hours after you left so not missing much!

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