Graham Jarvis’s 2017 Husqvarna TE300 Bike Spec

Graham Jarvis’s 2017 Husqvarna TE300 Bike Spec

Well filmed look at Graham Jarvis’s 2017 Husqvarna TE 300  which he won the 2016 erzbergrodeo on. Nice mix of info on the bike and some action with the man himself.




  1. Aniket Das 1 year ago

    Crazy! Loved it! The God of Hard Enduro and his machine…

  2. Curtis 1 year ago

    Titanium front pipe? Didn’t know anyone including Fmf made one… Wonder what the price tag is…

    • james 1 year ago

      It’s not Ti. Only the end can is. That front pipe looks exactly the same as an OEM one.

      • james 1 year ago

        Apologies. It is Ti. I should have watched the video first.

  3. jakob heidegger 1 year ago

    What is the brand of the Glide plate

    • Richard Vellacott 1 year ago

      It is made by SXS

  4. Houndog 9 months ago

    When is Graham coming back to Virginia or west Virginia??

    • Author
      admin 9 months ago

      No idea man!

  5. CHIEN YU 3 months ago

    Very excellent off-road vehicles
    Exhaust pipe which buy?
    Jarvis 2017 TE300 CDi Have you changed?
    I also bought it
    Te300 2017

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