Driving License

Driving License

For a number of reasons, despite having ridden dirt bikes since the age of 4, I never got around to getting a full motorcycle license for the road. After the last run-in with the cops I decided it was time to stop getting busted for riding derestricted 50cc and 125cc bikes and finally try to get a proper license.  Whether I can pass the test with my dodgy German is another matter, but so far it has been pretty fun, even if I haven’t understood half of what was said. I did understand when he shouted at me “nicht auf dem Hinterrad fahren” though!


  1. Ma 7 years ago

    Going to give up on our deal eh?

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      Come on, it was more like blackmail than a deal, I was 4 years old! I kept it up until now, but working for KTM I need to ride the bikes, at least on the odd occasion during the few months of the year when there is no snow.

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