Boxer bike

Boxer bike

Photo of a strange bike Yann saw in California.


  1. yann 8 years ago

    thought that was one hell of a stupid concept and not even creative; with a high positioned engine for terrible handling, a no linkage rear suspension for monstruous rebound, a pipe that will gladly burn your thigh and a wheelbase of a dragster for optimum shitty cornering… then you got the best of american engineering… and now they want us to clap the 40th anniversary of a supposed landing on earth satellite…the Moon…well guess what, ich don’t think it ever happened and the more I see from that country the more I think it is total bullshit!

  2. PJR 8 years ago

    …leave it to Yann to make a connection between a concept bike (granted its pretty weak) and the moon landing…just as long as you remember YB, that without ‘american engineering’ ich think you would be speaking fluent Deutsch…

  3. HH 8 years ago


  4. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    SOmetimes I think Yann wishes he WAS speaking German! By the way yann, I saw the Moon lander in the Museum in Salzburg yesterday, will put up a post tonight maybe.
    By the way P, USA was financing both sides of WWII just like they did in WWI.

  5. HH 8 years ago

    Please don’t post about it being a conspiracy….not sure I can take much more!

  6. PJR 8 years ago

    tell me about it HH…I hear the war in Afghanistan is not real, the ‘conspirators’ are just pocketing all the tax payers money and staging exercises in a Nevada desert…they put turbans on Indians and every once in a while they crash choppers with crash test dummies…

  7. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Haha, nevada dessert what?? Afghanistan is a mess man, certainly no faking it.

  8. PJR 8 years ago

    …earth to piers…its all a hoax, a conspiracy;)

  9. PJR 8 years ago
  10. yann 8 years ago

    as you figured it already…speaking fluent Deutsch would be a shame for the beauty of French language but would be much better for all the rest… Germans are great peeps.;)

  11. xx 8 years ago

    btw, yes the worst piece of bike i saw since a while

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