690 enduro R supermoto

690 enduro R supermoto


  1. zacher 6 years ago

    hmmm possibly one or two RB logos to much hahahaha

  2. Marcus 6 years ago

    Is there something as “irritating tastful” supermoto build?

    I love it! Great build, It makes me want to buy a 690 even more…

  3. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    The RB logos make you faster man, I going to stick them all over my 150.
    @Marcus, yea very nice, shame he doesnt have such a good camera though. Already missing my DUke and I didnt even give it in yet, although I kind of said I would drop it off yesterday. Maybe one more day….

  4. Marcus 6 years ago

    BTW, So you are aiming for those blue graphic sets? Orange levers and stuff look great too…

  5. Marcus 6 years ago

    RB gives you wings!

  6. Dunc 6 years ago

    Aaaaagh… so wished you hadn’t posted that. Just cleaned my 690 and fallen back in love with it, only to see this and hanker after an enduro/smc…. again.

    Need to keep buying the lottery tickets.

    Envious/Giddy about your bike switch, lookin forward to seeing it :)

  7. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @Marcus, not sure about aiming for a blue color set. Any spare money will go on Benzin to fill it up I guess! Having said that I might well end up with the odd blue bit on it as long as they dont cost too much.

  8. Ingmar Joosten 4 years ago

    from what is that ring around the akra?

    • Alexis Coucke 4 years ago

      Principalement pour les chutes sur circuit, ça sert à protéger ta ligne d'échappement.

  9. Aaron Mueller 4 years ago

    sweet bike man:) how wide are thoese rims? 3in front and 5 in rear or 3.5 front and 5.5 rear??

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