690 Duke 2012 photos

690 Duke 2012 photos

Itching to get my mitts on one of these. Amazing how much better it looks from stock with a few nice powerparts.

First Ride: 2012 KTM Duke 690 review

I am part of a small percentage of bikers that likes four stroke singles. I like the way you can lay the power down hard and early in a corner with superb feel for what the back tyre is doing. Or more importantly, about to do. I like the direct involvement between every power stroke and the throttle cable. I like the noise they make.

I am however, a bit simple. I must be as it’s the single’s simplicity that I admire the most.

If 72bhp and 70Nm of torque wasn’t amazing enough from just one 690cc cylinder, then its puppy-dog manners and 10,000km service intervals seal the deal.

Photos by Sebas Romeros

Think i would consider doing something like this to mine. With black or orange bars. Anodized orange triple clamps would be nice too.


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