2014 KTM 500EXC vs 2014 Husqvarna FE501 vs 2014 Husaberg FE501: Transmoto

Not all that much point in having the Husaberg in this test since the company has now been merged with Husqvarna, but these Transmoto comparison tests are always pretty cool.

Are the sceptics right in saying that the 2014-model enduro bikes from KTM, Husaberg and Husqvarna are simply rebadged versions of each other? Or do differences in the bikes’ forks, shocks, subframes and bodywork create distinctly different rides? We put these three 510.4cc beasts head-to-head to find out.

To view the full-length test, pick up a print or digital edition of Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine’s 2014 April (#42) Issue, on 06/03/14.



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