2014 Husqvarna line @ EICMA 2013

2014 Husqvarna line @ EICMA 2013

Just got back from EICMA an hour ago and thought I would put up one post before crashing out. It was really cool to finally see the whole lineup of  the 2014 Husqvarna Motocross and Enduro production bikes in person which we have been working on for the past 8 months, as well as some of the new bikes the factory teams will be racing in MX1, MX2 and the Enduro championships next year. The Husqvarna 701 showbike was also display.


2014 TC85.


2014 Husqvarna FC350 Ice one Racing bike.





2014 Husqvarna FC250.




Graham Jarvis’s Husqvarna TE300.



2014 FE250.


Full Carbon Fiber Composite subframes on the race bikes.


2014 Husqvarna TC250.



Husqvarna 701 showbike.





Lots of Husky Style parts will be available.




  1. Steadman 1 year ago

    The new Husky lineup looks amazing!! Happy the brand has found a stable home with KTM. I want one!!!!

  2. Tim Moy 1 year ago

    They're missing a 450 supermoto!:-(

  3. Jon Peterson 1 year ago

    You mean ktm smr with white plastics?

  4. Derestricted 1 year ago

    Not true. Audi doesnt play 2nd fiddle to VW does it. Instead both companies benefit from the economies of scale they need to make good quality affordable cars. The same economies of scale should help even more in a smaller market like the offroad market to make products good quality and yet still affordable. Both KTM and Husky should benefit from this equally.

  5. Peter Schellenberger 1 year ago

    1st bike has PDS? Earlier incarnation. White 'Bergs which are Blue 6 Day Katos. Why do they even bother? At least Huskys will be reliable now.

  6. Peter Schellenberger 1 year ago

    Ah 1st bike is a 85.

  7. Sam Forty 1 year ago

    They just took motorcycle design to the next level with that motard bike!

  8. Derestricted 1 year ago

    The first bike is an 85cc kids bike with PDS.

  9. Derestricted 1 year ago

    To answer your question as to why bother, As a million people have pointed out already, these are not completely new bikes. Instead, they are a hybrid of a Husaberg, KTM and a hint of the old styling used during one of the most successful era’s of Husqvarna’s long history, mixed with some new stuff. As is necessary in order to survive in this economic climate they share some components with existing bikes but they also provide some new options. The car companies have been doing this for years, and with the relatively low volumes that are seen nowadays in the offroad market, the same tactic is necessary to try to benefit from the economies of scale required to make good quality affordable bikes.

    There was a need for Husqvarna to bring out some new products to help the struggling dealers who have had serious trouble selling the existing Husqvarnas, but there was also not enough time to develop a completely new bike since the company changed hands. Since Husaberg and Husqvarna have now merged back together again for the first time since they split in 1988 the bikes actually make a lot of sense. You can rest assured that a completely new bike is on it’s way, but for now, if you are after a 2 (or 4) stroke MX or enduro bike then you have some tasty new options available to you, and I for one can’t see that as much to complain about :)

    – See more at: http://derestricted.com/motorcycles/2014-husqvarna-tc-two-cross-line#sthash.OvCwxjSV.trs0QHs3.dpuf

  10. Jarrod Pearson 1 year ago

    They are white KTM's and will always play 2nd fiddle to KTM – enough said

    • ptsp 1 year ago

      Do you think Audi plays 2nd fiddle to VW?

  11. Kendall Dow 1 year ago

    Told Peter Schellenberger …….. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Sam Forty 1 year ago

    Derestricted I know if i could afford a new bike i would be getting one of these, they just look so good!

  13. Nu graži ta varna :)

  14. Kent Taylor 1 year ago

    I don’t understand the hating. I’m a longtime Husqvarna owner and I am excited to see the brand in good hands. KTM has been a leader in the off-road industry for several years now and they have provided us with numerous choices in the line-up. Other manufacturers are playing it safe; KTM is giving every rider his/her dream ride, in two or four stroke mode. Now, Husky will benefit from this kind of forward-thinking. The Husaberg connection helps bring it back home…and the company was even sensitive enough to launch the new models to the media in Sweden, even though Husqvarnas haven’t been manufactured there since the late 80’s. A great brand is revived…a great future is ahead! What’s not to like about all of that?

    • Author
      admin 1 year ago

      Well said!

  15. Žilvis Užusalinis 1 year ago


  16. dirk paintedman 1 year ago

    I am looking forward to the dual sports!! any ideas when we might see them? Our husky rep is not knowing anything

  17. Adrian Cassar 1 year ago

    I definetly agree with Tim, where is the supermoto? I guess the best option till date is an FE 501 converted with street wheels!! :-)

  18. Peter Schellenberger 1 year ago

    Thanks deristricted – personally I'd just keep on keeping on and not waste a fortune building stand alone platforms, particularly for the Enduro range. When this all started I thought 'Berg may have survived as the premium brand, then KTM as the next step down with Husky as the base model. This would have been in alignmnet with their reputation here in Australia as being rather unreliable. Either was as '13 Berg owner I like the styling of the new Husky's as its my bike with linkage although Im yet to understand how that will be a plus on enduro/trail bikes, motorcross yes, the other not so sure.

  19. Stewart Rogers 1 year ago

    So true. But that's ok more business for husky dealers. And that's a good thing for everyone

  20. Barac Ovidiu 9 months ago

    Husqvarna you`re do it wrong!!!!

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