2012 KTM SMC-R available now

2012 KTM SMC-R available now

Was down at the local KTM shop at lunch getting a new chain for my 150sx and they have in a new 2012 KTM 690 SMC-R fresh off the production line, kitted out with an extra Akrapovic pipe. My god it was nice to sit on. Not sure how long I will be able to hold off on buying one of these. Might depend on how good the new duke is…


  1. Dunc 6 years ago

    GO ON!……………………

    You know you want to…………….. :)

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      haha, yes, I do. If I had more money I wouldn’t hesitate a second, but in order to get this I wOuld need to sell the 150SX and not quite ready for that yet… Especially as I have been tuning it during the winter and it looks seriously mint now… Cant wait to ride it.. Plus, seems like I will have a new 690 duke for the summer on loan from KTM. They asked me to write a list of what powerparts I wanted on it yesterday. Check out the list, LOL:

      Carbon Front Fender 760.08.910.044 Duke 12
      Carbon ignition cover protection 750.30.045.050/49 Duke 12
      Carbon Clutch Cover protection 750.30.026.050/49 Duke 12
      Carbon Frame protection Left 760.03.992.000/49 Duke 12
      Carbon Frame protection Right 760.03.993.000/49 Duke 12
      Carbon Exhaust cover left 760.05.913.000/49 Duke 12
      Carbon Exhaust cover Right 760.05.912.000/49 Duke 12
      Carbon rear cover 760.08.915.020/49 Duke 12
      Akrapovic titan slipon silencer 760.05.999.000 Duke 12
      Exhaust bracket 760.05.984.044 Duke 12
      K and N Air filter 750.06.115.100 Duke 12
      CNC foot brake cylinder cover 690.13.962.000 Duke 12
      Factory ignition cover screw 772.30.002.060/04 Duke 12
      Oil filter cover 750.38.041.100 Duke 12
      Orange CNC triple clamp 760.01.999.044/04 Duke 12
      Black handlebars if possible (from the SX with black SX grips?)
      Crash pad front 750.03.045.000 Duke 12
      Crash pad rear 750.03.046.100 Duke 12
      Crash bars 760.12.968.044/04 Duke 12
      Ergo seat 760.07.940.000 Duke 12
      Transparent filter box cover 760.06.902.000/99 Duke 12
      Structure graphics kit 760.08.999.000 Duke 12
      Rim sticker kit 760.09.999.000 Duke 12
      License plate holder short 760.08.915.044 Duke 12
      Chain 520 690.10.965.120
      Rear sprocket orange 584.10.051. same size as stock
      R-style footrests 760.03.937.044/33 Duke 12

      Not 100% sure when or with what it will arrive and how long i have it for, but pretty excited anyway. Will try and test the SMC-r back to back with it at some point to make a comparison. The SMC-r doesnt need anything to make it run and look good i reckon..

      • Dunc 6 years ago

        OMG good score! I’m stumbling around here in disbelief! – look forward to seeing some pics of it when you get it.

        Sun’s beaming here, side of the tyre might see some action on the way home :)

        • ptsp 6 years ago

          Yea man, if it happens, still not 100%, but Would be really happy I it does. Lots o nice content for DDC too :)

  2. zacher 6 years ago

    gotta love those rimstripes… make the weels look even fattttttR

  3. CH 6 years ago

    Nice list you have there man! I might have to convince one of the vehilce developers to let me out on an SMC-R to come and play with duke you’ll be gettin. Then we can both see how they go next to one another… Who are we going to get to take all the photos and vid material??? hehehe… I hope that works out! ;-)

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      yea that would be brilliant. i would take photos as usual ;)

  4. Peter Kürschner 4 years ago


  5. Scott Ross 7 months ago

    Can you sell me these side panel graphics?

    • Author
      admin 7 months ago

      your local KTM dealer should be ale to order them for you from the powerparts calalog as they are stock parts.

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