Time frame

Time frame

About the only certainty in the stock market is that, over the long haul, overperformance turns into underperformance and vice versa.

As always there is different data depending on where you look, and there are some other charts here showing some slight variations.

Based on historical patterns, it looks like things wont get better than they are now for roughly 17 years and there could be a decline of around 153% from here. Or not.

Due to oil and other resources restraints, I and many others dont see anyway we could return to sustained growth and similar consumption patterns as we have had in the past.

The idea of growth is diametrically opposed to stability. So stability has been redefined as growth, which is physically impossible over time on a closed system called Earth. Because growth cannot go on forever, those advocating it are really the forces of short-term gain for greed. To claim that growth helps people goes with attempts to stave of problems relating to overcrowding in relation to resource limits.

It is only when people (1) finally question the existing system’s ability to care for everyone (which it never could) in the long term, and (2) when people reject the ridiculousness of endless growth, and (3) they take control of their own affairs to assure their local environment meets basic needs (instead of working for a corporate entity to buy things from strangers), will the true economic problems and ecological crisis be dealt with. (from here)


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