Separate site for -273

Separate site for -273

We will still run the odd bit of content here for -273 but heading forward, will now be the place for news exclusively related to -273.  We felt that -273 is now big enough for it’s own site and it will also help to avoid confusion with the domain names.


  1. joshua 7 years ago

    i met nelson at the daytona 500. were you there?

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    no, i think my biz partner was though.

  3. joshua 7 years ago

    small world. i wonder if i meet your business partner. through tom dannemiller,my company was able to bring the fuselage of a private jet into the infield, which is where i meet nelson. do you know tom or his brazilian counterpart?

  4. koskesh 7 years ago

    I may have met you Joshua. I was at NP’s motorhome most of the time and of course I know Tom and he did mention something about the fuselage display in the infield. How did it go? Get any new customers yet?

  5. joshua 7 years ago

    the show went well. i think they will end up selling one, maybe two jets from the showing so it was worth it. i do not think we will be doing any more races this year. possibly concours d’elegance/McCall motorwork revival and a few other small shows. maybe i’ll see one of you guys along the way.

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