Salzburg Pinhole

Salzburg Pinhole

Saturday we went snowboarding which was good but its too hot right now so everyone was crammed on the glacier. The snow line is pretty high up at the moment. As my bro Luke was explaining to me it’s an El Niño Year. Means warmer weather and higher levels of precipitation so you will have to go high up for good snow (but there should be lots of it). From wikipedia:

There is some evidence that an El Niño may cause a wetter, cloudier winter in Northern Europe and a milder, drier winter in the Mediterranean Sea region. The El Niño winter of 2006/2007 was unusually mild in the UK and Western Europe, and the Alps recorded very little snow coverage that season.[28]

After 2 years in Salzburg we finally made it up to the castle. I found some funky pinhole mode on my camera and took some fairly boring photos (apart from the chastity belt perhaps).


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