The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

Stopped by recently for a walk around the British museum and although there is some really great stuff there the section I went specifically to see containing the ancient Sumerian relics was closed for renovation. Boo!



wingedgods A couple of the many winged gods, and gods in flying machines from the extensive Egyptian and Assyrian exhibits. The ancient astronaut theory is pretty interesting. Some info on wikipedia about it too.



money_01 So, the value of money used to be based on the weight of it. What is a fiat currency really worth? Has anyone ever really trusted the king or the state??? money_02 What are zero’s and one’s worth? one £1 from 1820 is equivalent to £68  in today’s money although based on average earnings it is worth roughly £760. Anyone lucky enough to have any money faces a difficult task to maintain their wealth over time. In the long run cash is obviously NOT a good strategy.

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