Phaseone mixtape

Phaseone mixtape

Thanks to Andy for the phaseone mixtape link:

Couple of the tracks from it, Animal Collective and doom remixes:

[Audio: Animal Collective – Daily Routine.mp3]
[Audio: Phaseone – Villain Jawn.mp3]

Totally unrelated, but how weird did this photo I took with my phone come out? Looks kind of like a painting.



  1. Andy 8 years ago

    There are a bunch of his remixes on Hype Machine:
    and he released his album for free, I prefer the mixtape but it’s pretty good:

    Also worth a listen…

    The Horrors remixing Bicycle by Memory Tapes:
    and staying with the cycling theme, a remix of Panda Bear’s I’m Not by Bicycle Day (also remixed by Phaseone):

  2. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Actually, this is a ridiculously good music blog here, allways has dl links in the comments too:

  3. Andy WS 8 years ago

    Good stuff on there, but I ain’t downloading it. The cost of piracy revealed…,28,56,0,0,2240.html

  4. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Good article man. Makes you think. I do buy music too. But there are so many free podcasts, mixes and dj sets most the time there is no need.
    Almost everything in the digital space is given for free.
    This website too.
    If I calculate the time I have spent taking photos, retouching, resizing, researching and writing articles, designing, writing posts,
    coding, hosting fees etc etc. The time and money I have put in is way more than one album release and the site is free for any and everyone. Apart from google adwords which cover a small part of the hosting fees I never made a dime off it.
    Its just the age we live in.all for the love yall.

  5. Trey 8 years ago

    Check out, “Free” by Chris Anderson, editor of Wired. Basically explains how the future is subsidized. Book is available as a legal download; audio book here

  6. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    good article mang

  7. paul 8 years ago

    dude i cant believe that its not actually a painting!totally looks like one-incredible. and it even looks like a beautiful painting i would pay millions for(if i had them haha). it really is beautiful!

  8. paul 8 years ago

    haha ok, i took another look at it , and i simply dont believe that its not a painting !

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